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Count Cannoli from Wario: Master of Disguise For Nintendo DS. Done work for siiva and doodle other stuff time from time. Buy My Game™️

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Welcome back to the worst blog on the internet.

Again, another new item instead of something already in my collection cause I thought it was coming on the 9th of August but it was next day delivery!

  1. So first: a box, that was in a cardboard one before thisiu_359445_7572925.webp
  2. Opening the box, a mario letter, that looks like a mini-box...iu_359434_7572925.webp
  3. Removing this letter that just has paper work and a book advertising the watch I LITERALLY own, 2 boxes!iu_359435_7572925.webp
  4. The smaller box has the other red straps in it, very slickiu_359436_7572925.webp
  5. Removing the bigger box, you would never guess what happens next: it's a slip in a slip covering the box.iu_359437_7572925.webp
  6. FINALLY, the bloody watch, after 12 years of unboxingiu_359438_7572925.webp

Now, I know it's stupid to own this thing and actually wear it daily but I needed a new watch, wanting to keep up my steps more and I'd rather have it in my hands than a bloody reseller. And I'll show off all the new animations they add for the wahoo man himself! look at him go, I've trapped this beloved mascot on my wrist, how wonderful!

What you up to Cannoli?

Well, after I finish my shift at work tomorrow, gonna be focusing my time on the NEWGROUNDS GAME JAM, WHICH HAS A GREAT THEME: EGG

Got a rough idea in my head of what I'll do, but still only an idea.

Oh, and I'm trying to switch from my ipad to a drawing tablet so any art program suggestions will be very much appreciated, really use to procreate but I know I need to move on lol. anyway, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my ramblings. have an egg for your troubles.


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